Fire Drill

Remember when you were in grade school and there would be a fire drill? When you were especially young you had to line up and be counted by your teacher; then march outside and if you were lucky you got to see an actual fireman and fire truck! In high school it was a time to see and be seen… and it got you out of class; or if you were really lucky it got you out of a pop quiz.

Now that I\’m a professional I find the concept of a fire drill in the workplace quite ridiculous.

I agree that each person should be familiar with the various ways out of a building in case of emergency. But shouldn\’t that be the responsibility of each person? For the sake of argument, let\’s just agree that it is the responsibility of the employer to hold an annual fire drill. Could we maybe consider doing it in May-Sept instead of October where it has the possibility of being 45 degrees outside with a 23 mph from the NW (like today).

What\’s next… are we going to go down to the parking garage and line up against wall in the tuck and cover position for a tornado drill?







4 responses to “Fire Drill”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    while i find them silly as well, i would assume they are a requirement of the facility’s insurance coverage. versus, like, an employer actually caring about the well-being of its employees.

  2. alex Avatar

    The “tuck and cover”, at least at my place of employment, is no longer taught. On the bright side, we were smart enough to have our fire drill on Friday, when it was sunny and warm outside.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    the “tuck and cover?”

    i thought only 1 in 100 men could do that.

  4. wadE Avatar

    Actually the fire drill was just for my company, even though there are other tennants in the building. Either way, it sucked. And it’s still as ridiculous as the tuck and cover… but not as funny.

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