KG\’s Humble Abode

When Kevin Garnett was traded from Minnesota it was said that he would keep a home here because of how much he loves Minnesota. But rumors are spreading that KG is selling his home. Perhaps KG is just downsizing, which is understandable considering this.

In case the link changes or breaks; what you are seeing is a modest home on the lake in Orono MN. If you\’d like a birds eye view, you can hit google earth and find it at 44deg 57min 12.67N 93deg 33min 32.67W.

I can\’t find confirmation that this is KG\’s home, but the price tag might even be a bit rich even for blood/pocketbook.

How about 53 of us go in on this… wait… can each of you qualify for a million dollar mortgage?

Better make this 106 of us…







7 responses to “KG\’s Humble Abode”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    you know, i might actually hold out for one with a 14-car garage. sorry.

  2. alex Avatar

    It’s only got 50 times more sq. footage than my apartment. No problem. Who wants to come visit me in a nearly empty mansion?

  3. jake Avatar

    not garnett’s.

    They are pillsbury’s and have donated generously to Guliani’s campaign.

  4. anderswa Avatar

    going in a slightly different direction, but i’m surprised by the number of prominent locals who have donated to rudy.

    additionally surprised how left-leaning UHG donations have gone so far.

  5. wadE Avatar

    I got more intel… the guy is an exec at Caribou…

  6. Amy Avatar

    if you need me, i’ll have moved into the wine cellar of this humble abode.

  7. sleigh Avatar

    To clarify some speculation — the estate is the former Pillsbury Estate. The peninsula has been referred to as “Pillbury Point” as many family members once had homes there. The property was purchased some years ago by the Jundt family. It is they who have listed the property.

    Jim Jundt’s had prior successes with other investment firms before starting his own firm – Jundt Funds. Whether or not he is the single largest stockholder of Caribou Coffee is a rumor about town.

    But – back to Kevin Garnett. KG has two properties in Orono. One on the lake — another just off the lake on 15 acres. I dont think either would fetch $53M.

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