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ahoy. it’s october, the best time of the year for baseball. sara is still trying to understand my vivid interest in baseball games when neither team involved is wearing a Twins jersey. it’s hard to explain. but every year i get riveted watching games between teams that i rarely / never watched during the regular season. fun stuff.

anyways, after last night’s 13-inning spectacle in colorado, this year’s mlb playoffs are set. why not try our hand at predicting winners? it’s got to go better than my football playoff predictions. right?


New York def. Cleveland, 3-0
Boston def. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which, incidentally, is part of Orange County, California, 3-1

Philadelphia def. Colorado, 3-1
Chicago def. Arizona, 3-2

New York def. Boston, 4-2

Philadelphia def. Chicago, 4-1

Philadelphia def. New York, 4-2

Boy howdy. Alex here, and like Wade says, why not try our hand at predicting? It’s fun, and by the end we all look like idiots and you can laugh at us. This will be just a quick hit prediction segment from each of us. However, I do have some preferences. I don’t like any of the teams in the AL, but I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing Cleveland advance, just to get some new blood involved. In the NL, I’ll be cheering for the winner of the Phi/Col series to take it all, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Arizona do some damage either, since they’re so young, and as far as I know Craig Counsell is no longer on the club. Anyway, right, predictions:

CLE def. NYY, 3-2
BOS def. LAA, 3-1

PHI def. COL, 3-2
ARI def. CHC, 3-2

BOS def. CLE, 4-2

PHI def. ARI, 4-2

PHI def. BOS, 4-3

Happy October! Wade and Alex were kind enough to invite me along on their delusional journey (Philly? Really???). Although to be fair, teams that enter the post season on a roll have long been thought to have an advantage; and the Phils have won 13 of 17. That ain\’t bad. On the other hand the Tigers stumbled, nay, slipped and fell into the post season last year, and rode that to their first appearance in the World Series in over 20 years. So what\’s my point? Who knows… all I know is that is doesn\’t take much to see that the events of the last day/week/month don\’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you\’ll understand that. Now, now… Here\’s looking at you kid!

NYY def. CLE, 3-1
BOS def. LAA, 3-1

PHI def. COL, 3-0
CHC def. ARI, 3-2

BOS def. NYY, 4-2

CHC def. PHI, 4-3

CHC def. BOS, 4-3

There you have it… the Chicago Cubs will be your World Champions! Now some might say I picked them just to annoy Alex. And I couldn\’t call them liars, but with the recent spate of long time losers taking the crown (e.g. White Sox & Red Sox) I\’m thinking the Cubs are due. Do the Bartman! Along those same lines, that means put 20 bucks on Cleveland to win in 2008 and/or 2009. You heard it here first!



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9 responses to “predictions segment”

  1. blondebombchelle Avatar

    BOSTON DEFEATS NY…. how could you wadE? I thought you loved me.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    *i’ve* got the yankees beating boston, chelle.


  3. NeeNee Avatar

    I disown wadE…….

  4. alex Avatar

    Let’s see… the Phillies last won the WS in 1980. The Cubs last won in 1908. You tell me who’s more delusional, Mr. SnarkyPants.

  5. wadE Avatar

    I just made my picks to piss the most people off. 😀

  6. Dave Avatar

    Let’s ruffle some feathers.

    CLE def NYY 3-0 happy happy joy joy
    BOS def LAA 3-1 i like the angels, but i can’t get over the Scioscia factor

    CHC def ARI 3-0 wished the brewers had made it instead
    PHI def COL 3-2 should have gone to the 14th….

    BOS def CLE 4-2 still don’t believe cleveland is all that good.
    CHC def PHI 4-3 go cubbies

    BOS def CHC 4-2 can’t avoid the reality of it, boston is good.

    Yuck, I just picked the Red Sox to win it all.

  7. Bounce Avatar

    Despite being a little late to the game, I’ll throw my hat in the ring:

    Col d. Phi 3-2 Ride the hot hand
    Chc d. Ari 3-1 Too much Cubbie Black Magic
    NYY d. Cle 3-1 two words: Joe Borowski
    Bos d. LAA 3-1 Schilling gets crushed in gm 3
    NYY d. Bos 4-2. As a Red Sox fan this pains me but tonight notwithstanding, NYY has been the better team over the 2nd half of the season. Doesn’t mean I still don’t hate the Yankees
    Chc d. Col 4-3.
    NYY d. Chc 4-2. Yankees resign A-Rod for $35m/yr, Torre signs Nolan Ryan to lower the average age of the rotation and Andruw Jones is signed to DH.

  8. wadE Avatar

    Bouce… I’m with you until that last bit… A-Rod to the Cubs for 30/yr + part ownership. Cubs and Indians in the 2008 WS. Cubs lose and press on for over 100 years of futility.

  9. wadE Avatar

    well, looks like Alex is the only one left who could still call it perfectly… I really expected more out of the Phillies… I look forward to wearing my Rockies hat when I see Phil (guy at work from Philly) this weekend…

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