celebrate… celebrate.. superstation TBS

last christmas, i bought a new flat-panel HD-ready tv. our old tv was clunky, had a small screen, and needed to be replaced. ostensibly, there was no reason other than that to upgrade the tube. it\’s been pretty sweet– particularly nature shows on the Discovery Channel\’s HD version.

however, the main reason? october baseball. i wanted to see the grass in wrigley on HD. i wanted to see the laces on a schilling curveball in HD. i want to see roger clemens\’s five-o\’-clock shadow in HD. (ok, not that last part, but you get what i mean.) so imagine my surprise (and by surprise i mean frustration) when i learned that last night\’s play-in playoff game was not on FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, NBC, or STARZ, but, instead, TBS.

that\’s right, TBS. the network that brought you family ties reruns, sex in the city reruns, and– most memorably– sanford and son reruns. i was briefly confused, wondering if somehow the braves had made the play-in game instead of the rockies or padres. nope. and it wasn\’t a one-time, \”oh crap where are we going to show this game\” thing– TBS is splitting all division series and championship series games with FOX.

and, the kicker: TBS HD exists, but not in my HD channel tier. i called charter and talked to someone who couldn\’t buy a clue if i spotted her $20; she actually told me to go do the \”Live Chat Support\” from charter.com instead. that was fairly entertaining, but the short answer is that there is no ETA on when TBS HD will be added to my programming.

so, your pity is appreciated as i\’m stuck watching baseball just on a digital channel. i *so* know what, like, my ancestors must have went through.







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  1. jake Avatar

    if it’s any help (and i have no idea what “Charter” is) Direct TV just rolled out 21 new HD stations, and has plans for 80+ more by the end of the year.

    gonna get me a Sharp Bravia with the christmas bonus!!! (shit, maybe i’ll just ask my bosses to get me one, save me the markup)

  2. alex Avatar

    Yeah, I’m not sure whether or not I’ll regret getting a North-facing apartment (hence, no dish for me)… Wade, I don’t know if Charter’s tiers are different from Comcast’s, but if you have an HD channel called “Mojo”, that’s the one that often has FSN HD Twins games. Totally not intuitive, but worth a shot. I’ll let you know if I figure it out on mine… just got everything finally hooked up in the new place. Meh.

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