the roar has been restored, holy edition

praise jesus, says jon kitna.

it appears that, when i get to heaven, God will be wearing robes of honolulu blue and silver.

why, oh why, is the Creator a lions fan?







3 responses to “the roar has been restored, holy edition”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    and i forget, pastor brian: is this post sacrilege or blasphemy?

  2. alex Avatar

    I believe it’s blasphemege. It’s also sacrilicious.
    That said, I have no problem with this story. If he believes God gave him the strength to overcome a concussion so quickly, who am I to argue? Mostly I’m just happy he refrained from saying God wanted the Lions to win, despite Wade’s best intimations to the contrary.

  3. Brian Avatar

    Loose definitions:

    Sacrilege: Making light of God and/or holy things.

    Blasphemy: Using holy things or symbols of God in an evil way.

    Confirmation class starts at 7p Weds night. Sure it’s mostly 13 year olds, but you’re all welcome to attend.

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