Quick Hits: Sports Talkers

I had wanted to write a long indepth analysis/commentary on two specific sports stories. One was the resignation of Terry Ryan, other was the Patriots being busted for cheating.

Sadly, life (both work and non-work) have gotten in the way. As they have for much of this year.

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Look for me to increase my SP output a bit this fall as I hopefully will find a bit more time to entertain you with my witty repartee.

So, quickly… Ryan…Out. Wade touched on this yesterday. Today\’s Sid says it\’s been in the works for awhile now, and I actually believe that. If you caught any of Ryan\’s appearance on the Chad Hartman show yesterday, you\’d believe it too. He sounded like a man who just doesn\’t have the passion anymore. What I found most telling was his comment of what he\’ll miss the most is the feeling of being on a team that is headed to the playoffs. That doesn\’t bode well for the Twins. Maybe Ryan doesn\’t see the Twins getting back to that level anytime soon… and honestly, I don\’t blame him. He knows more than anyone that ol\’ Monty Burns isn\’t going to spend the cash to keep talent on the team to make a significant run.

I\’m sure Ryan\’s replacement will do a fine job, as he has been in the organization for over 20 years, but I think Ryan\’s feelings (or lack thereof) is far more telling of where this team is headed.

Second is the greatest coach of all time* (*you believe this only if you\’ve drank more paint thinner than a Sconnie at Lambeau) Bill Bellichick. I think it\’s hilarious that he was caught cheating against the Jets. If you\’ve read Halberstam\’s book, you know what a psycho Bellichick is, and I can see him wanting to get every advantage he can over any team, especially one coached by one of his pupils. Of course the SG is in denial over the whole thing. This IS a big deal. I agree, you don\’t start putting astrisks after their SuperBowl victories, but I would have liked a bit of a stronger punishement… especially since the league knew this was going on for a long time now (they had sent several memos out about this, and rumor has it that the Pats are well known for doing this). I hope Mangini made this happen just to get back at Bellichick. That\’d be great. Anyway, my other point on this is I wonder how wide spread this is. You knew there had to be a reason coaches everywhere started covering their mouths when they send signals in.

Anyway, that\’s all I got for now. I\’m off to Duluth this weekend for the Inline Marathon (of course it\’s not mE who\’s doing it). Have a great weekend.







7 responses to “Quick Hits: Sports Talkers”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    peter king had an interesting point on si.com– comparing belichick’s signal-stealing to the watergate break-in, in the sense that neither nixon nor the pats needed the (arguably) minor advantages they would gain by breaking the rules in this manner.

    irregardless. if wade wilson gets suspended five games for allegedly buying HGH, belichick should have a stiffer punishment than (roughly) 10% of his salary this season.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    also, re: terry ryan: gleeman (per usual) has a good synopsis of ryan’s career, strengths, and weaknesses here.

  3. Brian Scott Avatar

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the pats. I’m not sure why. But after the Vikings, I’ve always quietly rooted for them. It has been quite comforting, really, the last five years or so.

    So I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I’m trying to decide if this is like looking at someone’s cards if they are holding them out too far and not protecting them well or is it like having a buddy stand behind someone and peek at his cards. The first isn’t great sportsmanship, but it is technically okay. The second is downright cheating.

    I don’t know. If you can’t trust the Patriots anymore, is there any goodness left?

    I guess we still have the Lynx.

  4. blondebombchelle Avatar

    Insert shameless plug for Chelle:

  5. alex Avatar

    Yeah, but Wade Wilson said he got the HGH to help with his impotence, which automatically makes him easier to punish. 🙂

  6. NeeNee Avatar

    As a Bills fan this almost excites me. Do I think they won their rings from this, no. But Being they are in my division, none the less the same rivals in Baseball (red sox) I want to just laugh at all Bostonians.

    Tom Brady was pretty much “Roboman” and now people questions the teams morals. Thank Goodness, take the focus off of the Bills 0-2 starts and a severe injury. But now they are investigating further. How long have they been “cheating”? And is it fair to people who possible have gotten injured? It is alot to question but I doubt that is why they are so good. One could wish….

    Oh and yes, Jet fans here, are praying it is Mangini who got the Pats caught!

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