papa tomato squishes baby tomato and says…

so, last wednesday night i found myself at the lamplighter hotel in beautiful sioux lookout, ontario. it was the night before we flew into our fishing outpost in (further) northern ontario; we spend the night at the lamplighter so we can get as early of a start as possible the next day.

anyhoo. sharing a room with the FiL. watching the discovery channel on a TV so old you had to get up to change the channel. feeling slightly hungry, i make my way to the \”lobby\” and find a vending machine. and find… this:


it was worth the $1.25 (canadian) i had to spend just to be able to tell wadE about them. oh, and to share the story with simpleprop nation. in summary: they taste about as bad as you would imagine. kind of a vaguely caustic tomato-esque flavor, but more sweet than savory. it kind of made my mouth hurt, to be honest. granted, i am a ketchup amateur; i\’m sure wadE would have a different take entirely. since i didn\’t want my duffel to stink like gross ketchup chips by the time i got home (the fish smell was bad enough, thank you), i pitched the mostly-full bag in the trash. something for wadE to keep in mind, though, the next time he visits brother mark in toronto. hoser.







5 responses to “papa tomato squishes baby tomato and says…”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    yikes. blowing that exchange rate graph out to five years doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

  2. wadE Avatar

    C’mon… you talk like I’ve never had ketchup chips before…

    seriously… if it isn’t Heinz, it’s craaaap!!!

  3. alex Avatar

    I don’t know why I ever doubted you.
    What are the marathon results?

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