terry ryan: out

check it.

interesting. it\’ll be fun to follow this to see if this is a legit retirement or more of a suggested one. i\’ve questioned some of ryan\’s moves pretty openly on these pages, but agree with alex in thinking that he\’s made the best out of a bad situation (read: pohlad\’s tightwaddedness.)

in other news, i\’ve returned from a week in northern ontario, where i pulled in many walleyes while dodging waves, snowflakes, and many jabs from the neo-cons that i went with. more on that later (including a new version of this old chestnut). but as i unbury myself from e-mail, a thank-you to the other gents for keeping this place up and functioning for the past couple of weeks…







3 responses to “terry ryan: out”

  1. alex Avatar

    Hmm… naturally my gut reaction was disappointment at the decreased prospects of fleecing good ol’ Mr. Krivsky out of Adam Dunn. But that probably wasn’t gonna happen anyway. I’ll be interested to see if they hire a current or former GM, or just promote someone from within (read: on the cheap). Either way, the new guy’s legacy is going to be formed very early, based on whether or not he can re-sign Torii and extend Johan/Nathan/Morneau, or else what happens (trades, lets ’em walk) if he can’t. Tall order.

  2. alex Avatar

    Word from the Strib blogs is that assistant GM Bill Smith will take over. I’m not sure if that’s an interim assignment or not. Regardless, I look forward to the BS era.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    bill smith isn’t a real name, is it? it’s some cardboard cutout that is sitting around pohlad’s office.

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