It\’s now a sort of bamboo hut.

We\’ve been getting new location signs put up outside the rooms here at work. You know the ubiquitous blue sign with sterile white lettering, letting you know exactly where you are in the organization. Fun, right?

So down the hall from me we have a group who\’s name starts with the word \”Extended\”. Imagine my amusement when I notice that the blue sign trumpets their presence with the almost-word \”Extented\”.

Even better, I got to point out the mistake to our building super, who is a wonderful man, and who\’s reaction should not be printed in a family magazine (or even here).

The signs have been re-ordered.







3 responses to “It\’s now a sort of bamboo hut.”

  1. Becca Avatar

    so is it bad if I point out that it should be “whose” name not “who’s” name?


  2. alex Avatar

    No, that sort of thing is encouraged.
    In addition, I’d just like to say: ah crap.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    grammar police, indeed. 😉

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