Open For Discussion

It\’s Friday, and I don\’t have a whole lot of time for witty repartee today. So I thought I\’d try something new, and (naturally) really, really simple. We\’ll call it an open discussion, but what I\’m really after is as follows.

Let\’s see a show of hands – who would like me to obtain:


I\’m expecting to see Jason and Wade A with their hands way up in the air.







4 responses to “Open For Discussion”

  1. blondebombchelle Avatar

    I’m torn. On one hand I think the very sight of all of you playing air guitar would make for very interesting photographs. On the other hand I would like to see my husband occassionally.

  2. alex Avatar

    Don’t you know me better than that? I would never entertain so frequently that you’d really notice he’s gone. 🙂

  3. NeeNee Avatar

    I will be coming to MN just to play. My Bro-in-Law has already reserved it here. Chelle and Wade can expect some Challenges from Matt and I, bring it on MN

  4. anderswa Avatar

    i played rhythm and was nearly always drowned out by jason’s lead and kris’s bass amp. so nobody really knows if i actually know how to play or not. that said, i think it’d be pretty sweet. and, probably less of a chance of me toppling over and smashing into your tv, like what almost happens when i play wii tennis or baseball.

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