Answers to your unasked questions.


1) Yes, I did see that Apple dropped the price on the iPhone yesterday.
2) Yes, that does mean that the model I bought a month ago was $100 more expensive and half the size of what is now the only model they offer.
3) Yes, had I bought mine 18 days later I\’d be allowed to upgrade.
4) Yes, this all does sting a bit.
5) However, I don\’t regret my purchase. One of the rules of buying technology is that you\’ll only very rarely have the \”latest and greatest\”, and it\’s even more rare for that item to remain the latest and greatest for any length of time. I purchased the very first model of iPod. I got mine in early 2002 as a birthday present for myself… it wasn\’t too long before that was \”obsolete\” as well. What can you do? Hopefully the price drop will encourage more people to buy, so they can keep making the thing better. Of course, I\’m assuming all the new features announced will be beamed out to us early adopters as well. If not, I reserve my right to reverse my stance on this issue.

Two notes:

A) Basically, the thing paid for itself three weeks ago when I was stuck on jury duty and sitting in a crappy room all day. At least with the iPhone I was able to surf the web.
B) Rarely do I hope for a product of mine to crap out… but gee I guess it would be too bad if mine died during its warranty period and they had to give me an upgraded model instead.







5 responses to “Answers to your unasked questions.”

  1. ed Avatar

    i think i’ve been won over – i’m gonna go out and get the smaller model for $299.

    the way i see it,

    – i need a new phone anyway, since my razr is a piece of junk. that will run me a couple of hundred $

    – i can probably sell my month-old nokia internet tablet for $100, which is about what i paid for it

    – the rate plan works out to be only $10 more than what i’m paying right now.

    it just makes sense for me to get the iPhone at that price point.

    my only concern is with the internet speed – i’ve heard a lot of complaints in this area. what’s you experience been, alex?

  2. alex Avatar

    Congrats, you just made me curse out loud in my office. I hadn’t seen that about the remaining 4G models – that’s a sweet price at $299.
    * I came to the same conclusion about the rate plan when I bought mine, plus my previous phone was 4 years old.
    * The phone data network is pretty slow. I’d put it somewhere in between dialup and basic broadband. It’ll do in a pinch, basically. But, you can connect to any wireless network you may be near, and it works just fine.
    * If you’re in the market for converting movies to h.264 (the pod/phone format), I’d suggest an app called Instant Handbrake – takes a DVD down to about a 600mb file, with good enough resolution for the little screens.

  3. blondebombchelle Avatar

    I heard news that Apple has agreed to refund $100 back to all the irate early adoptors….

  4. alex Avatar

    Yep yep. I’ll gladly accept it, but in no way do I feel I *deserve* that credit. Like I said, buying tech is a slippery proposition – the stuff is obsolete the moment you buy it (or at least that should be your attitude).

  5. anderswa Avatar

    thanks for the post, alex– i am just catching up on all the news from being away for a week and i was going to write and ask you about it.

    somewhat reminds me of when i bought my performa 6115 at olaf in jan. 95. about a month later they dropped the price by roughly 50%. my written refund appeal to steve jobs went unanswered. 🙂

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