YouTubes in action

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This here is what happens when someone who\’s listened to too much Eddie Van Halen takes on pop culture.

I was fully prepared to hate this from the moment the clip started, but it was too horrifically brilliant to deny.

Speaking of pop culture, has any song been covered more than this one? Still, it\’s a good effort. And if you want more stuff like this, do a YouTube search on \”Chapman Stick\”.

And finally, of Imogen Heap, what can you say? Impressive stuff there.



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2 responses to “YouTubes in action”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    all of those were pretty impressive– although the super mario brothers theme was particularly cool.

    related youtubery– has everyone seen this???

  2. jake Avatar

    have you heard the album version of Hide and Seek by Imogen?

    goddamn! the first time i heard it on the Current, i had to pull my car over to give it more attention. bought the album immediately after.

    that’s a great find, the live you-tubes. thanks, j.

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