twins to boof: less beef

from ye olde strib:

Bonser, 24, is listed on the roster at 6-4 and 260 pounds. Manager Ron Gardenhire said Bonser has worked hard to maintain that weight all season, but now the team wants to see how he will do by shedding about 10 to 15 pounds.

Gardenhire said he has spoken to strength and conditioning coach Perry Castellano about a diet program Bonser can begin soon and carry into the offseason.

bonser is in reference to twins pitcher boof bonser, the team\’s much-maligned third starter whose recent eight-game losing streak is actually resurrecting the name of pat mahomes in the local media. gardy believes that if beef… er, boof can trim 10-15 pounds off of his (reported) 260-pound frame, he will have more stamina and be able to pitch effectively later in games.

i find this noteworthy because there have been dozens of effective fat pitchers in recent baseball history, and rarely do you hear anything about them being more effective if they lost weight. c.c. sabathia. david wells. livan hernandez. this guy. usually being overweight isn\’t seen as a negative thing for a pitcher; in fact, it\’s seemingly one of the few places where a fat guy can hope to achieve athletic greatness. well– almost.

my theory: carl just wants to cut back on the postgame buffet spread budget. you wondered why al newman was let go, didn\’t you?







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  1. Dave Avatar

    I know Newmie had an accident that may have changed his critical thinking skills, but…

    It seems like since he has left our base-running effectiveness as a team has declined miserably. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen more fundamental baseball mistakes being made routinely than I have ever seen out of any twins team that I can recall. It’s bad enough having such a punch-less offense, but when you squander the few chances you do get it is pretty frustrating to watch.

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