save early. save often.

i was in early yesterday morning, thanks to sophie\’s 4 a.m. cry of \”daddy!!\” 4 a.m. is the tipping point for me; if i\’m woken up earlier than that, i can fall back asleep. any later, i\’m up for the day. so i comfort my daughter, make my way downstairs to do some banking and fantasy baseball transactions, and some coffee. i make it into work about 6:30, and (due to the lack of people here) fully jump into my new project.

90 minutes later.. i accidentally nudge my coffee while reaching for the phone, and ker-splash. right on the laptop. not a lot of coffee, but enough to cause the machine to immediately power down.

now, let\’s pause a moment. for people who know me, this should not be a surprise. it\’s often been noted that a meal with me is not official until i spill on myself. i\’m not klutzy or awkward, really, in other aspects of my life. i just have a strong tendency to spill. it\’s part of what makes me cute. or whatever.

yesterday… not cute. i\’m finally back up and functional on a different PC, but it\’s been a painful couple of days. just a note, then: don\’t learn the hard way. save everything to the network before it\’s too late! or, before i come near your computer with a beverage in hand.







4 responses to “save early. save often.”

  1. alex Avatar

    Indeed. Having a backup (or multiple backups in multiple locations) is always a good idea. Sure, for work, but also consider how much of your life overall is digital these days – all those digital pictures of your kids/family/vacation aren’t going to recreate themselves.
    And from personal experience, I hope there wasn’t any milk in your coffee. May you have no idea what the stench of rotted milk and fried circuitry smells like. I wish I didn’t.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I can’t help but envision Wade as a klutzy Bill Lumbergh… wandering over wearing his french cuffs with a cup of coffee in hand… “Heyyyyy Peter, howze it goin’… whoops! *crash* *ftzzzzzz* *smoke*

  3. Mom Anderson Avatar
    Mom Anderson

    hmmmmmmmmmm now i know who you are going to say you inherited that from… i look at the front of my Tshirt…I guess you inherited more than just your good looks and personality from me…hee hee

  4. alex Avatar

    Well I could see you taking credit for his good looks, but the personality? Really? You wanna claim that? 🙂

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