random acts of shrubbery

*this* is why i stay away from the news.

first. ok, so i\’m pretty sure dubya gets a lot of info thrown at him each day. i\’m guessing much of it is beyond his comprehension, of course, but i do believe him when he says he doesn\’t recall the exact moment he learned that tillman\’s death was not, in fact, accidental. so we\’re good there. what slays me are the following:

\”I can understand why Pat Tillman\’s family, you know, has got significant emotions. A man they loved and respected was killed while he was serving his country,\” Bush said.

you can understand that, huh? \”significant emotions,\” huh? that\’s great. big of you to acknowledge that. maybe you\’ll start going to selected funerals of soldiers killed in action now? yeah, probably not.

\”I always admired the fact that a person who was relatively comfortable in life would be willing to take off one uniform and put on another to defend America…\”

given you never actually did that yourself…

I\’m confident the Defense Department wants to find out the truth too and will lay it out for the Tillman family,\” Bush said.

me, too. the DoD, like the shrub administration itself, typically is great at admitting when they screwed up.

second. of course the request for funding for additional bridge inspections becomes a hit on democrats. and if those same pesky dems would just work on appropriations bills and stop worrying so much about the minor issue of attorney general *lying to congress* maybe this country could get back to being a great place.








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  1. wadE Avatar

    Wade, now you’re getting it. If people would just sit down and shut up and let this administration protect us from evil-doers, put the gays back in the closet, make sure no one gets an abortion for any reason, ensure poor people have no alternatives to better their lives, social security gets managed by wall street, and the only way you can afford health care is if you have a job which still offers health care (which is less and less likely each year)… then everything would be fine. So sit down and shut up.

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