I can has iPhone.

Yes, I\’ve resorted to nerd humor. Sosumi.

So anyway, yes, I am the proud new owner of an expensive gadget. I finally decided that the cost per month wasn\’t going to increase much, and that I\’d find a way to rationalize the initial cost-of-gadget. I\’m still working on that, but I\’ve got some ideas for my upcoming move like the previously discussed cable option, so something will work itself out.

As for the iPhone itself, the thing has been reviewed to death. I\’ll spare you the comprehensive, and instead just touch on two things:

  1. I transferred my existing mobile number from a different carrier. iPhone/iTunes set up the phone and transferred the number in about two days total, all without my having to talk to a living, breathing, outsourced-to-India person. This is a big deal, to me anyway.
  2. My only gripe is that (so far, at least) iPhone owners are stuck with the dozen or so craptastic ringtones. Seems a bit shortsighted for a device that\’s supposed to be such a multimedia wonder.

So yeah. Whee! And apologies for anyone who may have tried to call me this weekend while my number was in limbo. I\’ll get back to all two of you in due course.







6 responses to “I can has iPhone.”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    early adopter! bleeding edge! the iphone is going to go the way of webTV, mini discs, and DIVX.

    ok, ok, i’m just jealous.

  2. Bounce Avatar

    Early adopter indeed. Why can’t you just have the damn thing turn on iTunes every time your phone rings and play one of your bands no one has ever heard of? ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the record I’ve seen a few in Portland; the size is the one overwhelmingly appealing aspect to me. The problem is they are usually attached to self-important yuppie/hippie types who have the whole “look at me, I’m on a iPhone” air about them.

    Of course, who needs a cell phone when a can and string will do just fine?


  3. alex Avatar

    Brian, you’re a dink.
    Also, considering that my previous cell was a shining example of 2003’s cheapest technology, the size and shape of the iPhone actually constitutes an improvement for me. And if I really want to rationalize, if this thing lasts me two years, I’ll have only spent about $6.25 a month on the cost of hardware since 03… ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. monkey Avatar

    Al, is that $6.25 inflation adjusted?

    What gets me is the self-important folks at work who strut around with a Blackberry on their hip (or in front of their face). Congrats. You have a crappy company-provided electronic gadget that lets you be even more rude to your coworkers. Feel better now?

    Nerd question(s): does the iPhone limit the formats for iTunes audio? Or can one put lossless compressed files on there? Do they have to be Apple formats or will it take, for example, FLAC files?

    If I actually used a cell phone more often than once every second month, I’d go iPhone. Even if US phones are three generations behind the EU/Japan versions, the iPhone seems like the first one with a half-decent user interface.

  5. alex Avatar

    My hunch is that it does restrict to Apple formats, or at least formats readable by iTunes. I haven’t pushed the envelope there, since I’m not even remotely an audio snob like you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. monkey Avatar

    Moi? I must protest this assault on my snobbish integrity.

    But yes, I’m quite picky about audio-related things. Until I ran out of space, I kept only lossless compression on my iPod, knowing full well that the DAC is the weak link. But 128kbps mp3s hurt me. I can’t abide them. So, no iTunes Store for me (I know — EMI or somebody is putting up 256kbps files now).

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