A Hastily Assembled Music Post

I\’ve been meaning to do this since Tuesday, and since it there is some actual time-limited content, I\’m throwing this together even though I don\’t have time to do it justice.

Matthew Good\’s third solo album, Hospital Music, was released on Tuesday. Two cool things: The first single, Born Losers, is available for free from the iTunes Music Store. It\’s the single of the week. And, the album itself is available for sale… for $7.99. Seven-freakin\’-ninety-nine! It\’s worth twice that, at least. Hehe. (Links above will launch the iTunes Music Store for you.)

Also available for sale at the iTMS are his first two solo albums, Avalanche, and White Light Rock and Roll Revue, as well as the Matthew Good Band release Beautiful Midnight, which is pretty much usable as a definition of rock and roll, if you ask me. Avalanche, however, is one of my top ten all time albums, no question. So check it out, man.



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