Comings and Goings

I\’ve spent about fifteen minutes trying to tie something coherent today about the Twins/Timberwolves trade shenannigans, and I just can\’t do it. Partly, I\’m just angry about the Twins. They\’ve had great pitching for years, and it seems that the organization is incapable of adding enough hitters to win a title. They handed Cuddyer the RF job just days before the 2003 playoffs, they counted on a very, very green Kubel in a key at bat against Mariano Rivera in 2004, last year\’s key addition was Phil Nevin, and that\’s in addition to such key offseason signings as Tony Batista, Juan Castro, Ruben Sierra, Ken Harvey, and Eric Munson; a group that I know you all remember for all their post-season heroics.

Next season will begin with a surplus of very good, young pitchers (Santana, Liriano, Bonser, Baker, Garza, Slowey, and Perkins). If Torii leaves, there will be openings for bats with power at CF, 3B, and DH/LF. How the Twins fill those holes will tell you how serious they are about winning a championship. That they didn\’t fill any holes at all this year, and instead the only move was saving Billion-Dollar Carl a couple million at the trade deadline, tells you how hopeful you should be about this so-called \”window\” for the Twins to win a championship.

As for KG and the Wolves, this trade cements Lurch McHale\’s reputation as a bad GM. He got 50 cents on the dollar for one of the top 25 NBA players ever, and seems to have made this deal as much because it was to his buddy Danny Ainge as anything. However, I\’m happy for KG, I\’m glad he\’s going to get a legitimate shot on a championship team, and I\’m glad that I can once again ignore the local NBA team completely.

I know there are more important world issues than sports; it\’s just that I really enjoy watching the Twins, and it bothers me that I can\’t shake the feeling that they\’re completely happy with being the plucky little team that could do ok when, much like the Garnett-era Wolves, they could be so much more, with only a little bit better investment of resources… at least, that\’s how it seems to me.

[Edit:] It would appear that Johan is similarly dissatisfied, which does not exactly bode well for the Twins in a couple years…







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  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    Right there with you, Alex. And I’m further dismayed to learn this morning how unhappy some of the Twins players–particularly El Presidente Santana–are about the whole deal. What a bummer.

  2. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    On a slightly tangential thought, why can’t the Twins find hitting coaches in the minors to groom future players like they’ve found pitching coaches, who they seem to have in spades.

  3. Katey Avatar

    ALEX! Can you call me or email and let me know you are alive. I am panicking– hope you and all your peeps are okay out there. Sounds fucking horrible.

  4. alex Avatar

    K – just emailed ya, in case you see this first. We’re all a little shell-shocked…

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