Speech Writing for Dummies

You can fool some of the people all of the- …or was it all of the people some of the- …no, wait, I think it was fool me twice… don\’t, don\’t get fooled again. And in that spirit, click on the following link to learn how to successfully fool Americans.

Text of the most recent Shrub speech.

Yes, I know he misspelled OBL\’s name. Nevertheless, I think the point the author is making is quite clear. The Iraq/Bin Laden/9-11 link has been debunked by nearly everyone… and yet it\’s still obviously the core component of this speech. Which means that either people are still buying it, or the administration just doesn\’t care. Either way… yikes.



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8 responses to “Speech Writing for Dummies”

  1. monkey Avatar

    A corollary to “if it’s on the internet, it must be true” is “if the president says so, it must be true.”

  2. anderswa Avatar

    why do you hate america, monkey?

  3. wadE Avatar

    I think we can mostly agree that Iraq was not behind 9/11… but sadly because of the US invasion it is obvious that Al Qaeda is now in Iraq… This is the textbook definition of a no-win situation. 🙁

  4. alex Avatar

    I think the issue up for debate is whether or not the group calling itself Al Qaeda in Iraq is of the same caliber as the original, or merely capitalizing on using the Al Q name.

  5. wadE Avatar

    is that a debate worth having at this point?

  6. alex Avatar

    A group that merely capitalizes on the name, but has no real power to do anything outside of Iraq doesn’t seem like much of a threat to America (which is the Shrub’s entire argument, seemingly, a threat to America that we need to “fight over there so that we don’t fight over here”).

  7. wadE Avatar

    again, isn’t it too late to bother debating about that?

  8. alex Avatar

    Why would it be too late to debate if it’s a central theme of his speech?

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