for internal use only

voice inside my head #1: oh. awesome. was anyone going to tell me that i spilled chili on my tie?

voice inside my head #2: listen, dipshit: you have an orange-ish red tie on. nobody noticed. even if they did, nobody cares.

voice inside my head #1: oh. right. good point.







5 responses to “for internal use only”

  1. etc Avatar

    voice inside my head #2: you could totally get away with killing jason tyner.

  2. anderswa Avatar


    don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.

  3. wadE Avatar

    voice inside my head #3: everyone knows that I spill on myself, in fact, it’s not officially a meal until I do so….

  4. sparklegirl Avatar

    I’m in for taking Tyner out. The red crow flies at midnight.

  5. alex Avatar

    It’s a cold day for pontooning.

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