Say What Now?

Play along with me here for a minute. Let\’s say that you\’re perusing one of your favorite SP Endorsed websites, in this case the usually entertaining Fire Joe Morgan, and you come across a link that you can\’t help but click upon, even though you\’re thinking to yourself:

That can\’t possibly be a real website.

Alas… after several minutes of perusal, I\’m convinced that yes indeed that is an actual website, and I\’m pretty sure that product actually exists and… I\’m not sure how I feel about it. As much as I love bacon, I\’m both intrigued and totally repulsed.

I think this may have broken my brain… I think Wade should invest in this and de-lethalize his supertots by 75%.



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4 responses to “Say What Now?”

  1. Bounce Avatar

    The best part about this website for me was that I saw the testimonial on the front and thought the name was Chuck D, not Chuck H leading to a good 30 seconds of imagining the former Public Enemy head scarfing down “bacon fries”.

    That being said, I’ll order 30 cases please. Anything to keep the vegan hippies of Oregon away…

  2. monkey Avatar

    Bounce, it’ll pass muster with all the Oregon kosher vegetarians… but I bet it’ll repel trust-fund-baby hippies. At least in Boulder, they’re way too snooty for something this brilliant.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    you say that as though de-lethalizing the supertots is somethiing to aspire to. $@#* the heck?

    can the simpleprop budget cover an order of bacon salt? might be fun to put it on different foodstuffs (taco, apple, bacon?) and report back on the taste. i smell a wadE feature…

  4. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    I love their mission statement “We’re on a Quest to make everything taste like bacon.” However, I think wadE might have a trademark infringement case against them for that phrase…

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