Vote Brewster!

According to a recent poll, there\’s a new leader in the race to become the GOP\’s nominee for President in 2008.

And here he is!

That\’s right, your new leader is: None of the above! I guess it\’s not too surprising, because frankly all the GOP candidates are insane in their own way. I will admit that I do respect Ron Paul, but that\’s because he has stated a platform and is sticking to it. It\’s his platform that\’s the problem; I don\’t think he\’s gonna get too many people to stand behind it. As for the rest… well, I agree with the poll. Can\’t someone else do it?!







5 responses to “Vote Brewster!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    anyone else concerned that the GOP has fully lost its grasp on reality? (where reality = the actual desires of the majority of their constituents)

  2. monkey Avatar

    Well, the little people don’t matter. Neither does reality…

  3. alex Avatar

    I think this would probably help:

    No Pork, No Side Issues, and No Riders.

    Hmm… I wonder what kind of an effect that would have on the economy? Where would all the lobby money go? How sad is it that those are legitimate questions?

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