Drunken Idiots in Blaine

The title of this post might seem a bit redundant. I mean we are talking about Blaine (the city, not Mr. Arneson who isn\’t a drunken idiot, just a bit on the sexist side).

What prompted this post was an article in the Strib. The basic version is that the cops are spending so much time breaking up fights at bars in Blaine that they can\’t focus on real crimes and the city is thinking about pulling liquor licenses.

What surprises me is that the biggest offending establishment is Majors. The Majors I\’ve been to (Bloomington and Golden Valley) are relatively upscale as far as sports bars are concerned. I can\’t imagine a fight breaking out at either of these locations.

So what\’s the deal? Well, in the article they mention that the problems start once the dancing begins. Well, I don\’t think there is a DJ or any dancing at the other locations. My other thought is that there is a difference in the type of people you find in the northern vs. southern suburbs in the Twin Cities. I just can\’t picture a fight breaking out at the Scoreboards in Minnetonka.

Thoughts or comments?







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