hair baby

ok, well, first, i guess i have to admit that i sometimes frequent sites like this. (maybe NSFW, depending on the lead story.)

with that out of the way, i have a question. look at britney spears. now… she\’s the same wacko that shaved her head not that long ago, yeah? so, my question: is that her real hair? is that even possible? i must admit that as a follically challenged male, i have no idea what the answer is.







3 responses to “hair baby”

  1. Becca Avatar

    Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of hair extensions, my dear. Evidently a large percentage of the celebrities you see with long hair aren’t wearing their own hair.

  2. Amy Avatar

    I second what Becca writes above. She’s either back to her nasty extensions or has gotten herself a weave. However, to get said extensions or weave put in, your real hair does have to be long to be attached to…so somewhere, underneath there, she’s got some re-growth.

  3. sparklegirl Avatar

    I think you only need a couple of inches of real hair as “anchor” for the extensions. From what I’ve read/seen, extensions among the famous are now nearly as ubiquitous as Photoshopping all the models in fashion mags.

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