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As Alex recently wrote, we\’ve been MIA as of late. For me, I took the entire week of the July 4th off and didn\’t go anywhere. Just stayed at home and it was wonderful!

Sadly I am now back at work, and one of the first emails that greeted me was a company-wide announcement that they are scaling back our access to the internet. The are looking to limit access to: Personal Web page and Web Hosting websites, MP3 and Audio Download Services websites, Personals and Dating websites, Hacking-related websites, Freeware, Software and File Download websites, Message Boards and Clubs websites, Personal Network Storage and Backup websites, Streaming Media websites considered high risk.

I am hoping that my frequent visits to SP have kept this site under their radar, but starting next Monday my day time productivity (SP related) may go in the toilet. The bastards!!! Don\’t they know that studies have shown that companies with unfettered access to the internet are more productive than those that have strict controls? Oh well, with much less access to the internet I\’ll just have to play more Foosball and Halo 2 at work.

Paris finally recognizes that it is the rudest city in the world. Ok, maybe not the rudest, but pretty damn rude. As I have noted in the past, it isn\’t that Parisians hate Americans… they hate everybody; even each other.

And just when you thought Catholicism wasn\’t narcissistic enough. Is Benedict the worst pope since Alexander VI that same way that Bush is the worst president since Pierce?

In Simpson\’s Movie news: Kwik-E-Marts become reality. As will Springfield. Friendly Reminder – 17 Days until the Simpson\’s Movie!!!

Last, but certainly not least. Fat Tire returns to Minnesota!!! I\’ve got several \”bombers\” in my fridge at home after the lovely wife went to several liquor stores and bought them out of Fat Tire. My life is now complete. Cheers!







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  1. wadE Avatar

    I am so jealous. Becca and Brian got to visit the Kwik-E-Mart in Seattle. Although I am ashmed they did not buy any Buzz Cola or get a Squishy!

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