My Absence

No, not absinth. That\’s different. Sounds tasty, though.

Some of you may have been wondering where I\’ve been. I\’ve been building a fort. (No, really.) Simply put, I\’ve been pretty swamped with work, and have chosen life over internet in my spare time. For now. I suspect things will lighten up soon, and when it does we\’ll resume our regularly scheduled programings. Until then, I know Wade at least has vowed to keep things rolling around here, so kudos to him.

Additionally, we have been tagged, so I\’ll try and take my own crack at that in the near future, although I have to say that I can\’t promise it\’ll happen.

Finally, if you happened to miss it the first time around, our stats page is burning up with requests for a popular item that we\’ve reviewed here in the past. What is that item, you say? Well have a gander, and the next time you run in to wadE, congratulate him for having his finger so squarely on the pulse of America\’s wants. Or kick him in the groin. Your choice.

Thanks for sticking with us during our summer \’hiatus\’.







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