drunken pre-teen

as a father– and, well, a rational human– this article raises multiple questions. where were the parents during all of this? how did she get access to alcohol? how did she get access to the car? what will she be charged with? did orange beach assistant police chief greg duck get quacked at a lot when he was younger?

but, mostly:

Duck declined to release the girl\’s blood alcohol level but said a blood test at the hospital showed it was higher than .02, the legal limit for minors.

um– wouldn\’t the legal blood alcohol limit for minors be, by defintion, zero? at least in states other than wisconsin?







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  1. monkey Avatar

    I saw elsewhere that she was “on the way to picking up her sibling.” Um. What?

    Re: BloodAlcohol

  2. wadE Avatar

    Yes, picking up her sister at a concert… I am guessing that many southern states have attitudes on children drinking much like Wisconsin… at least Wisconsin requires you be with your parent while drinking. 😀

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