yes, arg. that\’s really all i have to say about this. i\’d like to say more, much more, sprinkled with various and sundried curse words. linking the vice president, even. (oh yeah, fun news about him, too.)

but i can\’t. too tired of politics as usual. it\’s not even a partisan frustration. well, it is, a little– conservatives love to act all \”holier than thou\” w/r/t bill clinton\’s behavior, and now they have no right to do so, at least as it relates to pardons.

what a cluster, you know? if you do something the president doesn\’t like, someone will fuck with you, and can even break the law doing so. and– even if that person gets convicted? no problem. your sentence is commuted. and, hey, what do you know? let\’s just pardon the guy. no harm, no foul.

this administration is a farce. an evil, self-serving, reckless farce.







4 responses to “arg.”

  1. Eric TC Avatar
    Eric TC

    Maybe this will cheer you up. It’s Baby Farley:

  2. Eric TC Avatar
    Eric TC

    That didn’t work. Maybe this will:

  3. alex Avatar

    Well this probably sums it up better than I could:
    I have little faith in Congress to get this taken care of. After all, they’ve got to make sure they keep getting their piece of the pie.
    P.S. Baby Farley is disturbing.

  4. sparklegirl Avatar

    Baby Farley is soooo scary, but not as scary as this administration.

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