i wanna i wanna iwannareallyreallywannazigabigha

sign #4723 that the apocolypse is upon us:

(note: the \”music\” category was left unchecked intentionally.)







4 responses to “i wanna i wanna iwannareallyreallywannazigabigha”

  1. alex Avatar

    So the residuals finally ran out, huh?

  2. anderswa Avatar

    shouldn’t the ladies update their monickers to be a little more appropriate and relevant to their ages?

    implant spice
    varicose spice
    hot flash spice
    eddie murphy’s baby’s momma spice

  3. wadE Avatar

    🙂 I don’t know if I can top “eddie murphy’s baby’s momma spice… that’s gold Jerry, GOLD!

    but seriously, vicki looks like she had all the fat sucked out of her and then reinjected into her tits… I love giant boobs as much as any red blooded man, but c’mon… those look terrible.

    and what is up with gerri halliwell wearing a dress for the publicity shots? has she put on 8 pounds and the others told her she’s fat?

    anyway, check out this. Vicki doesn’t even look human in this picture.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Hey now – cut Geri a little slack. She had a baby a year or so ago (Bluebell Madonna…I know, horrendous) so maybe she hasn’t quite lost all of her pregnancy weight?

    Posh has looked robotic for years. How she landed such a hot husband is one of the great mysteries of the universe. 🙂

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