big ticket

by this time tomorrow, the timberwolves will have finally heeded my advice. kevin garnett will suit up in a different team\’s jersey next season, and it\’s about time. the wolves will reap mediocre players with expiring contracts as well as lottery picks. in essence, blowing the whole thing up and starting anew.

i got really excited yesterday about one rumor: kg to phoenix, stoudemire to atlanta, and the #3 and #11 picks to the woofies. that would leave the team with three (!) lottery picks when you boil in their own #7. think about it– what better way to rebuild the team than with three of the top eleven young players in the country? theoretically, we\’d get the best player available not named oden or durant (conley), a much-needed big man (jianlian), and a vital cog in the florida gators\’ two national championships (noah). woo!

and then i remembered one minor detail– kevin mchale will be responsible for these picks. so, if the suns-hawks-wolves deal does come through, this is what we will ultimately end up doing:

#3 – traded along with 2009\’s first round pick to the clippers for future considerations
#7 – used to draft spencer tollackson
#11 – traded along with randy foye, rashad mccants, craig smith, and 2010\’s first round pick to the philadelphia 76ers for joe smith







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  1. wadE Avatar

    So… KG still with the wolves… your prognostication was a bit off… care to comment?

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