sayonara, sweetcheeks? and maybe good riddance.

sparklegirl and i have been e-lamenting lately over the likely loss of torii hunter this offseason. wondering if he, like kirby and hrbek, might consider giving the team the life-long twin discount. wondering if the prospect of playing home games on grass in 2010 would be enough to entice him to stay. wondering if other CF free agents like ichiro and andruw jones would saturate the market so that any offer the twins make might actually be competitive. wondering what our \’08 outfield of ford, tyner, and cuddyer will look like.

i am a fan of torii. i think he hits great, fields great, and is a great asset to the team. great. just great. however, i need to agree with aaron gleeman– comments like this? not great.

I love Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere and energy there is great. And the fans know the game. When they get on you it can be pretty personal, but it\’s always about your baseball game. When someone screams, \”You just can\’t hit that slider,\” that\’s someone who knows what they\’re talking about. You don\’t hear that kind of informed [chatter] in Minnesota.

(read the entire piece from the new york post here)

i understand that this is probably just contract-year posturing. and, i understand that we probably aren\’t the most baseball-savvy crowd in the league. (heaven knows we sure seem to have issues with the rule of not walking down the aisles mid-inning.) but.. really? taking a swing at the fans? not cool.

so, torii, if new york is where you go? enjoy it. you may miss us when those \”informed\” yankees fans curse you for going 0-4 in games, when we\’d still cheer loudly.







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  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    HEY! I’m right there with you on not liking his comments. I would much preferred him to say, “I have no interest in New York; I love Minnesota and don’t want to play anywhere else.” But given the cold shoulder Torii’s receiving from Carl in the best year of his career, he’s gotta be feeling pretty unloved. Maybe he’s trying to look on the bright side of being, basically, dumped by the Twins. It’s not reasonable to expect him to continue saying — as he’s done in the past — that Twins are where he wants to be when we’re blowing him off. Cut my boy a little slack.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I also don’t appreciate the sudden surge in his contract year that is all too common place in baseball (and other sports). I agree that MN fans are not the most educated in baseball (St. Louis, NY, Boston are all ahead of us), but I would certainly put us ahead of LA, any Florida team, AZ, Seattle, and many others. Oh, and I agree with Wade that he’ll be missing him MN days when he’s batting .222 with 4 HR in June and the Yankee fans and NY media are calling for his head.
    Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out Torii…

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