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Thank you folks, I\’ll be here all week. Try the veal. Sir, how\’s your steak?

Ahem. Irrelevant, because I\’m coming about fifteen years late to this party, but I\’m ready to proclaim that The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, the sophomore effort by The Black Crowes, is quite possibly superior to their debut album, Shake Your Money Maker. Considering that I gave SYMM an honorable mention way back when, I feel that this is a fairly noteworthy statement for me. Speaking of, that \’best discs\’ column is due for a serious revision. Somebody put that on my To Do pile, will you? Thanks.

Feel free to chime in, if not about this, then about underrated albums, or albums that it took you a long time to appreciate.



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  1. monkey Avatar

    a) Just the other day I was wondering when you were going to do another music column… like a best of the year thing…

    b) SHMC is *phenomenal* (and “better” than SYMM). I hate to berate you on this, but yeah: you’re late to the party. Strong throughout, great song order, consistent without being repetitive. Saw them on this tour at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. A couple of frat boys were fighting down front and the singer stopped the show and got all mad at them. Later on, somebody started to climb up on stage from the crowd to… i dunno dance or stage dive. The bassist took a running start from the back of the stage, lowered his shoulder, and absolutely *leveled* the guy just as he was getting upright on stage and finding his balance. So he went flying back into the crowd and the band kept playing. Classic.

    c) I know there are albums that took me forever to appreciate, but I can’t think of any right now. I’ll often avoid getting an album ’cause everybody hypes it up really big — I figure it can’t be that good. Three years later I buy it, and love it. Go figure. Actually – Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication. Great album. Took a while to really grok.

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