Intelligent Mathematical Design

I\’m expecting to see this popping up in Kansas any day now:

Pi = 3.0, dammit.

The funny thing is that I\’m pretty sure I was taught that it also equaled 22/7. Or possibly it was the cube root of the volume of a can of SPAM. It\’s hard to say.

Or, if you\’d like something even more low-brow (you know, since I\’ve been away from the SP for a while), try this:

93 Million Wangs.

You\’re welcome.







One response to “Intelligent Mathematical Design”

  1. wadE Avatar

    That’s great. I want to print out those “stickers” and put them in odd and random places.
    As far as the Bible being gods word, doesn’t logical argument (stay with me here) take you down the path that:
    God tells man The Word
    Man writes it down
    Man is fallible
    What is written by Man is fallible
    QED: Bible is fallible

    This way god stays infallible and everyone is happy.

    I know… the error in my logic is “logic”.

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