dionne warwick: existentialst

as many of you know, i use gmail for web e-mail. it has its limitations, but the spam monsters haven\’t found out about that particular account yet, unlike its hotmail and yahoo mail counterparts.


one of the \”features\” is the ability to select what headline link categories you want to RSS across the top of your inbox. one of my selections is \”quote of the day,\” because i\’m, so, into inspirational stuff. today\’s?

Dionne Warwick: \”I treat others exactly the way I want to be treated.\”

for real? thanks. color me inspired.







2 responses to “dionne warwick: existentialst”

  1. alex Avatar

    I believe that’s known as the Golden Suggestion.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    Oh sure, Jesus says it and you’re all, “Wow, that’s so true.” But if it’s Ms. Warwick, you’re all, “She’s so lame.”
    Outrageous double standard.

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