I ask you…

In light of this story, I only have one question.

Why didn\’t they interview me about the Waffle?








10 responses to “I ask you…”

  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    I tried the waffle once – right after you posted about it a few years ago. I remember Bailey’s and maple syrup and something else… It was interesting. It tasted almost, but not quite, entirely like ass. I have a friend’s bachelor party this weekend. I was thinking about breaking out a round – at the end of the night, of course.

  2. alex Avatar

    Brian: You probably fell prey to the sultry siren song of that slut, Mrs. Butterworth. Don’t believe the hype.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    i like your idea, amanda. what would you think about a nacho cocktail?

    3 oz of that neon orange nacho cheese
    1 oz salsa
    1 oz sour cream
    1 oz tequila

    shake in a martini shaker. garnish with black olives and tortilla straws and serve straight up.

  4. monkey Avatar

    anderswa, just the idea nearly makes me gag. How about this?:

    The New Mexican:
    equal parts gin and chile tequila;
    lime juice & honey (to taste)

  5. alex Avatar

    You know what the best part of the New Mexican is? It’s the *New* Mexican.
    Wade, since when have you ever only put in 1 oz of booze in any drink?

  6. monkey Avatar

    For the record, I’m thinking of the State of New Mexico, a place that has cuisine based around chiles and using juniper berries, cactus, lime, and honey. Plus, it sounds interesting, or at least better than a Nacho… Is there a drink called the “Mexican” that I’m unaware of? (for reference, my idea of a mixed drink is to add ice to the whiskey…)

  7. Amanda Avatar

    Take away the tequila and add some ketchup and I think my sister and I probably came close to the nacho 🙂

  8. blondebombchelle Avatar

    I think I’m getting ill…

  9. monkey Avatar

    Woke up this morning. Saw last night’s half-empty can of warm flat Dale’s Pale Ale and thought “…mmmmm…breakfast!” You can guess how thrilled I was to go to work.

  10. alex Avatar

    Hey – remember that time you gave me the Old Chub? Wait, that sounds bad…

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