Yes, it\’s another installment of links. I\’d apologize, but I\’ll just point out that I could do worse for you. 🙂

Here\’s a nice story of a prank gone… well, not wrong, but perhaps astray. It\’s a good read, and perhaps the morale of the story is that just because something sounds funny, it doesn\’t mean you won\’t feel guilty about doing it.

Hong Kong residents clamor to have the Bible termed \”indecent\”. While I can see the devil\’s advocate (spare me your pun comments) position of there being a double-standard… I think the proper response here is: meh.

A recap of last night\’s Republican debate. Who is this Ron Paul fella? I shall learn more about him…

Finally, if this ever goes into production, I will nominate it for cuckoo clock of the year. If such an award exists.







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  1. wadE Avatar

    one link of my own to add:;_ylt=AgYyMeMhWDgzpjmtc5v.7rSs0NUE
    Now if the judge in this was say… oh, 85 years old… I might understand. Maybe it’s just b/c he’s British?

  2. alex Avatar

    Ya know I was thinking about this a bit yesterday, and I’m not sure that I can really condemn anyone past a certain age for not knowing about the internet. Yes, it’s revolutionary, but strictly speaking it’s not a necessity. I could live pretty much the exact same life (well, except for my job, obviously) without being online at all.
    But speaking of revolutionary, is there any other invention that even rivals it for how innovative it is, and how quickly it grew? I think we’re talking the same level as electricity, or the wheel, although in neither of those cases was the world ready for the invention to spread so quickly. So by that logic, how could not have heard of it?
    Shouldn’t the judge have recused himself? I suppose judges do rule on things that they’re not experts on…

  3. wadE Avatar

    You know, I can understand certain people. Like my mother. A combination of her age, and where she is in life; but even she knows *what* the internet is. This guy is much younger AND a freakin’ judge…someone who you would think would be eductated, and need to stay educated. You would also think that he might use a computer for SOMETHING… anything! Oh well, at least he’s willing to ask dumb questions and learn about it! Better than certain senators from Alaska who talk about internet tubes.

  4. wadE Avatar

    btw – relating to the last of your links – I hated Shelley Duvall in The Shining (I didn’t like her in Annie Hall or Popeye either). She was awful, I would have killed her too. I think she’s a terrible actress… along with Talia Shire who you know better as Adrian from Rocky, and Connie Corleone from the Godfather Pt. II & III. Oy, just awful!

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