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we\’ll be light and fluffy today. to be honest, i\’ve been a little too heavy on the gambits lately, haven\’t i?

first: click here and have a good laugh. the fine folks at FJM disagree, but i\’ve always found junior pretty entertaining to watch. thanks to ETC for the link.

second: i\’ve been a regular viewer of saturday night live since 1987. actually, i think i watched a few episodes in 1982, but, even as a six-year-old, i knew that cast was terrible. anyways. my favorite recurring sketch (if you can call it that) has been weekend update; it was the daily show before the daily show existed. and, in the past twenty years, i\’ve seen the good (norm macdonald, dennis miller, tina fey), the meh (kevin nealon), the bad (jimmy fallon), and the \”i can\’t believe this guy is on this frickin\’ show\” (colin quinn).

however, i must now unequivocally state that the weekend update desk has never been funnier than it is currently, with amy poehler and seth meyers at the helm. meyers became the head writer when fey left in 2005 and, to me, the show is funnier now than it\’s been in fifteen years. over the past four or five years, i\’d catch SNL if i remembered it was on or if i remembered to record it. since meyers has started on update, though, i faithfully record and watch every week.

weekend update and seth meyers– you receive the official wade a. anderson seal of approval!!







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  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    Wait, I’m confused. This season of SNL is always bad, it’s always ‘the worst ever’ even, it’s always ‘the beginning of the end’, regardless of what season it is. So I think you mis-typed.

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