sidney ponson is greasy. and i love grease.

before getting to our topic du jour, a couple of observations from the best seats in the metrodome from last night\’s twins game:

  • carlos silva clipped his fingernails in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings.
  • i inadvertently hit torii hunter in the shoulder with my all-star game ballot. he didn\’t appear to be bothered by it.
  • johan santana takes the wrappers off of pieces of candy before giving it to his fellow rotation-mates
  • on several occasions, silva played with ponson\’s hair and rubbed his back. it got a little awkward for a bit.

anyways. the following question came up at work this morning:

if you were allowed to have only one food item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

fun, huh? well, not \”fun\” in the sense of \”fun,\” more \”fun\” in the sense of interesting. you know, like… ok, nevermind. so, here are the items that were close but didn\’t ultimately make the cut for me:

+ cherry-flavored nibs
+ crab cakes
+ ham-and-cheese omelette
+ split pea soup
+ cherylgetti (my mom\’s spaghetti– i\’ll explain it sometime)
+ chicken fried rice
+ double-decker taco supremes from t-bell
+ super tots
+ buffalo wings (that was tough)
+ carlos silva\’s fingernails

enough ado, i know you\’re dying to know my winner. drumroll?

hash browns. with sliced onions and green peppers. the greasier the better. and it\’s balanced! you\’d have the vegetable, potato, and grease groups all covered! yum.

what about you?







4 responses to “sidney ponson is greasy. and i love grease.”

  1. wadE Avatar

    One, did you really hit Torii Hunter w/ your ballot; and if so, why did you throw it at him?

    Two, I think Bacon Cheeseburgers would be the one food I’d go with for the rest of my life. Followed very closely by Thuringer sandwiches…although without chips, there is something missing… hence second place.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    one: yes, i did. but not thrown; i had put it down at my feet and then accidentally nudged it off the ledge. 🙂

  3. alex Avatar

    Anything’s possible in the unpredictable winds of Metrodome. If given license to change toppings at whim, I’d of course go with pizza for my choice. It’d still be a close call if I had to pick one pizza with only one set of toppings, but in that case the choice of hashbrowns might win out for me. (So good call, Wade.)

  4. blondebombchelle Avatar

    House Special Lo Mein… protein, carbs, veggies and grease. Yum.

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