so here i sit

in my basement, putting off things that need to be done. there are always things that need to be done. and, yet, there\’s never a shortage of distractions, is there? today\’s trifle: iTunes. along with, wikipedia, and youtube, iTunes is a frequent distraction.

i\’ve got the house to myself, so i\’ve got the volume as high as my tiny monitor-mounted speaker will allow. not bad, but given the notion that my hearing is well on its way to being shot, it\’s not loud enough. it\’s never loud enough, though.

hmm. that is a lot of counting crows, isn\’t it. what the hell happened to them, anyway? oh, here\’s a good one.

digression: let\’s go back to the summer of 2004. our hero is working in his taupe cube at dain, doing… something or other. he\’s got his earbuds in– he finds it much easier to concentrate that way– and has the crows\’ this desert life in. he\’s… okay, i\’ve recently discovered the amazing, fantastic, wonderful \”st. robinson in his cadillac dream.\” if you haven\’t heard it, you need to. oh, in fact: do it here. anyway, the song comes on, and i\’m in a groove with whatever i\’m doing, and i crank the volume as high as it can go. and… it\’s… just… capital. the song ends. i take out the earbuds. quickly, i\’m approached by a grinning laura, my former-former-former manager. she says, \”good song, huh?\” err… yes. how do you know? \”i heard it perfectly from my desk.\” laura sat close to me, but there were a lot of people who sat closer, and heard it better than her. mortally embarrassed, i briefly pass away. end digression.

there are some songs that, regardless of the setting, require increased volume. five of my favorites:

+ the aforementioned \”st. robinson\”
+ \”monkey wrench,\” foo fighters
+ \”tell yer momma (live),\” the refreshments
+ \”rocket queen,\” guns n\’ roses
+ \”quiet,\” smashing pumpkins

if you\’ve got similar songs that compel you to, well, turn it up, man, feel free to share in the comments…







2 responses to “so here i sit”

  1. alex Avatar

    Even before clicking on the link, my initial thought was, in fact: Is that Freedom Rock, man?!

  2. monkey Avatar

    Al, I don’t know whether to be impressed, dismayed, or frightened…

    I’m going with impressed. Oh, and wade, now those songs are all rattling around in my head… darn you.

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