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I\’ve decided it\’s a good day for a couple of old favorites, and a few new links, hence we\’ll call it a Grab Bag of stuff.

For some reason I had this song in mind this morning. It\’s the soundbyte that destroyed a Presidential campaign, according to Mr. Lileks, and a longtime favorite around these parts.

If you\’ve never seen Robot Chicken, and/or consider yourself as the type who might enjoy a good Star Wars parody, you owe it to yourself to check out this YouTube clip. What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?! Again, another old favorite.

Here\’s a fairly serious story, and definitely a good proposal for a law. Still, I can\’t help but chuckle (and think of Jason) when I hear it referred to as \”The Poop Bill\”.

And finally, if you\’re for something more serious to gnaw upon, try this. Spending\’s up, personal debt is up, savings are way down, and people are getting screwed left and right in stories like this, but it\’s making American companies billions and the Dow is setting records, so the economy\’s fine. I\’ve got that right, right?







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  1. wadE Avatar

    I’m torn on the Poop Law. Any establishment that serves food I believe by law needs to have a public restroom. But Old Navy? I know it wouldn’t be “Public”, but instead of a law it would be nice if people used common sense and if someone was in obvious pain needed the bathroom they would let them use it. It’s a shame that we need to legislate something like this. On the plus side, I now know what Crohn’s disease is.

    Wow, I could write a 10 page response on the Drug Company story. I am quite familiar with Medicare Part D, the “doughnut-hole” and the skyrocketing costs of Rx. The short reply is: the system is broken, economic forces will bring them back into alignment, just not as fast as we would all like (maybe not for 10 or more years even). Can you put a $ figure on an additional week, month, or year of someone’s life? Lastly, believe it or not, but the Health Insurance companies are actually trying to help with stuff like this.

    I used to have a subscription to Mother Jones, perhaps I should get it again.

  2. alex Avatar

    I’m not necessarily trying to single out health care. It just seems to me (and perhaps this is just me being naive) that when I was younger, companies cared both about the bottom line and about helping both community and country thrive. It doesn’t seem so much like the latter anymore.

  3. Becca Avatar

    Speaking as someone about whom you all had a pool going to bet on when I was going to rush to the bathroom during my wedding, I can attest that greater awareness of this issue, if not legislation, is a good thing. I have been in the circumstance of begging to use employee bathrooms at random retail locations when the attacks hit and have done the desperate dash/hobble from place to place when I was turned away/denied. (And WadE, the answer was more usually no than yes) I don’t know that the legislation would help me anyway, as I’m not a “card carrying” sufferer, but the occasional IBS attack can hit you like it is Crohns.

    Anyway, I had seen this article this morning too, and was grateful for it for fellow sufferers.

    🙂 b

  4. wadE Avatar

    Al, not to be insulting, but you are being naive. Companies never cared about the community or the people. Maybe some… somewhere, in a magic land where bacon, ham, and pork chops all come from the same animal. Seriously though… I don’t believe things have gotten worse in this arena… if anything, slightly better. Better working conditions, more scrutiny on ethics, more emphasis on environmentalism, etc. But overall it’s still all about the bottom line. Even the wonderful things the health insurance companies do (like Disease Management where a nurse will periodically call and check on people who have Diabetes, or Heart Failure… these things are great services, but are only done because they save the company money)… I could go on, but I should save my rants for an article of my own.

  5. wadE Avatar

    Oh, and I’m not exactly against the poop law… I’m just dismayed that we have to legislate for it… it would be nice if common sense prevailed instead of gov’t having to force people’s hands.

  6. alex Avatar

    Now who’s being naive? That staff bathroom is their little area of power, man. And you know how people are with their little power trips. 🙂
    (No insult taken on the previous comment – I’m not sure it can be insulting to call me naive if I’ve said that I’m probably being naive.)

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