do not adjust your monitors

this is actually monday\’s gambit. yes, it\’s being posted after tuesday\’s gambit. i know. but i try not to get lost in the weeds.

happy to be back, gentle reader. i spent the entirety of last week in ULA. what is ULA, you ask? it\’s the United Leadership Academy. (if you have a trumpet, flare it now.) nearly all of it was interesting, just some of it was applicable to my day-to-day work. but that\’s not important right now. what is important is that i\’m back, with internet access all day long, and ready to take on the heady topics of virginia tech, alberto gonzalez, and sidney ponson. that is, at least i was. until i woke up this morning with a pretty debilitating cold. as such, this is all i\’ve got:

thanks to an alignment of the stars, i had the privilege of watching fletch three (!) times last week. i realize i\’m (slightly) obsessed, but if you\’ve never watched it, you need to. it captures all of the good (and bad) parts of the 1980s in a succinct 98 minutes. wooziness has returned, so i\’ll just give you this linky-linky to some of the best quotes.

back to bed. blar.







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