\”I think it was Osama Bin Laden\’s [idea].\”

Karl Rove\’s quote there, folks. The war in Iraq was Bin Laden\’s idea.

Seriously. How does he think he can get away with saying this? He also said he wished the war never existed, despite mounds of evidence to the contrary.

Apparently the administration policy is to lie whenever it\’s convenient, and when presented with evidence to the contrary, to have a convenient memory lapse. Many of these people profess a strong belief in the Christian God, and I have to say that while I\’m no expert on the subject, I\’m pretty confident in saying that this is not what Jesus would do.

If only I believed that voting Democrat would make a substantial difference, life would be easier. It hurts my brain to know that these people are in charge…



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4 responses to “\”I think it was Osama Bin Laden\’s [idea].\””

  1. monkey Avatar

    This just in: Bombs falling on Baghdad? Gravity’s fault.

  2. wadE Avatar

    A fun little story about Rove and Sheryl Crow:
    Yes, you read that right…

  3. anderswa Avatar

    i’ve become one of those people so disaffected that i only get my news from the daily show and colbert now. relatedly, interesting to note that this year’s “entertainment” at the press club dinner was rich little. rich frickin’ little.

    oh boy, here’s a ronald reagan impression! ha! and, is that jimmy carter?? he’s so talented!

    just more evidence that it’s easier to justify your actions when you surround yourself with people who don’t dare disagree with you.

  4. alex Avatar


    2006 Elections were mandate for “surge”. Right.

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