kool-aid session: the highlights

a pre-emptive gambit, as i likely won\’t have a chance to post one tomorrow.

on a conf. call for new UHG managers. the topic? how to effectively manage using our intranet system. it, possibly, is one of the most incredibly idiotic things i\’ve ever endured. it\’s taking two hours to cover the most basic.. simple… common sense topics in excruciating detail. however, that\’s not to say there haven\’t been some entertaining highlights.

+ at one point, the facilitator says \”human crapital.\” there was a long pause and you could really tell that she was weighing whether to acknowledge what she said or not. she didn\’t.

+ \”please refer to slide seven on how to access news articles if you do not have internet access.\” this is a webex presentation. delivered by… the, um, internet.

+ a participant asked if the slide deck would be available to participants after the session. the answer? no. that\’s acceptable– it\’s HR-related, and you wouldn\’t want outdated copies floating around. additionally, if participants knew they could get the deck afterwards, some may not pay as much attention. so that\’s ok. however, the answer this person received? \”we can\’t send these out because of a size limitation in our e-mail system.\” ahem… LIES!! it\’s a 35-slide deck. all static, no embedded multimedia. that\’s– what– 300kb? 400? even lotus notes can handle that. it\’s rather disturbing when someone within HR fibs so blatantly, especially when it\’s such an obvious fib.

i\’m not in a bad mood, really. in fact, i\’m nearly completely checked out, mentally, as i\’m out tomorrow and all of next week. just a little frustrated that these types of things need to be dumbed down to the least-common denominator and i need to spend three hours of my afternoon listening to it. at least i\’m an excellent multitasker. 🙂







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  1. monkey Avatar

    We’ve had some HR presentations about, e.g. retirement plans. They were less about the intricacies of the plans offered and more about “click here, then here, enter your ID here, click ok” yeesh I get it, ok – it’s a web interface. Now what about the content?

    There was an article in an in-house rah-rah publication about carpool/vanpool/busing to work. They mention how employees at another location simply *love* commuting by bus/subway with the company-provided (free) transit pass. So I ask local HR the obvious question: how do I get one? The answer? “That benefit is not available at our location.” So why’d ya rah-rah it *in print* and distribute it to all employees? I asked why it isn’t available. They never wrote back. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that “why?” is the single least appreciated question in a corporate environment, and the single most important.

    I think I’ve mentioned before – I bring reading materials to all meetings.

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