Flaming Square Of Death: Redux

Several years ago I codified the rules for my favorite drinking game: The Flaming Square Of Death. After several years of drunken enjoyment, it is time to revitalize and revamp some of the rules for the game.

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4 responses to “Flaming Square Of Death: Redux”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Nice work, wadE! So far, I approve of and am excited to try the new and improved FWOD, although the new rule for #10 makes me a bit nervous…

  2. Amy Avatar

    Nice typing skills, eh? That’d be FSOD, not FWOD…ooops.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    you really should have been nervous about the new rule for the king.

  4. Amy Avatar

    YEAH – hindsight is what…20 / 100 when you’ve played Drinko as many times as I did? The king might be the death of me yet.

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