warning: cute kid story ahead

knowing our audience, i try not to post too many of these (parents seem to find this kind of thing wildly entertaining while non-parents aren\’t so wowed), but i\’m a day late on the gambit and need something easy.

so, max turned one last january. pastor brian was kind enough to make it to the party, and, for a gift, brought three big, bouncy, playground-type balls. i believe the direct quote was something like \”i\’ve got a boy and i know how much he likes balls, so i assume your boy will like them too.\” and he does; those things are constantly bouncing throughout our kitchen and family room. (have i thanked you already for that, brian?) anyway. one of the balls is a mini-basketball that features the logos of all 30 nba teams. on tuesday evening soph was playing with said ball and had this question:

\”mommy… daddy… (editor\’s note: she typically addresses both of us.) why this cow angry?\”

confused, sara and i walk over and look at the ball. what was soph pointing at?








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  1. wadE Avatar

    well Sopie, it’s because the cow’s team used to be very very good, but the best player on the cow’s team retired twice, then played for another team while the cow’s team spiraled down and stunk for many years…

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