Viral Videos

I really… really really really… do not like the term \”Viral Videos\”.

Why? I don\’t know… A … A is for the abom…oops, sorry, force of habit.

Anyway, I bring up Viral Videos because one I just came across which I\’m sure is circling the planet as we speak is Alanis Morissette singing Fergie\’s \”My Humps\”.

In the immortal words of Dr. Evil, frickin\’ hilarious.








8 responses to “Viral Videos”

  1. monkey Avatar

    Hm. Would this be funnier if I’d been exposed to the original song/video? Lately I’ve been trying *really* hard to avoid crap like that. That said, I think I get it, and yeah, that’s frickin’ hilarious.

  2. wadE Avatar

    Yes, it would be funnier if you were more familiar with Fergie (she’s the chick from Black Eyed Peas, although something tells me that isn’t helping you). 🙂
    For awhile last year you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “My Humps”.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    funny– nowhere i went last year played anything by the blacy eyed peas. you hang out at different dance clubs than i do, wadE. 🙂

  4. blondebombchelle Avatar

    I run every day to My Humps. Also contained on my running loop is Baby Got Back and Rump Shaker

  5. NeeNee Avatar

    I saw this yesterday. Hilarious!! Wade us NY people have too much influence on you if no one knows this song. You are just Gangsta!

  6. anderswa Avatar

    i just found the sample of the original “my humps” on itunes. good gawd. is that what the kids are listening to these days?

  7. anderswa Avatar

    does she really say “lady lumps?” and are those what i think they are?

  8. monkey Avatar

    A pseudo-mathematical breakdown of a rap tune.

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