pork juxtaposition

so i took the kids to the zoo on saturday morning. i like to do this from time to time– i get to spend some \”alone\” time with sophie and max, give sara a little relief, and i\’m *incredibly* entertained by the shark reef at discovery bay.

anyway. as we\’re walking in on saturday morning, i see a big banner for the new farm babies exhibit at the zoo. it\’s a baby pig– a piglet, if you will. you can picture it: pink. snout. floppy ears. adorable.

a logo appears at the bottom of the poster. the logo belongs to the primary corporate sponsor. that corporate sponor?


i know hormel, mr. piglet. i know what they do to you when you grow up. this isn\’t going to end well for you.







7 responses to “pork juxtaposition”

  1. alex Avatar

    Funny, we were thinking about going to the Zoo before hitting your place on Friday, in part to see the Animal Babies. We had the same reaction to the corporate sponsor as you did. Poor little piglets…

  2. blondebombchelle Avatar

    Now I wanna go to the zoo and save the little piglet from a horrible end in a can of spam.

  3. wadE Avatar

    Mmmmm… black label bacon… halalamph *burp*

  4. Brian Scott Avatar

    You went to the zoo on a Saturday? You’re a braver man than I.

  5. anderswa Avatar

    brave, perhaps. stupid? closer. actually, we show up just when the doors open at 9, and leave before the huge crowds start. i’m not much of a people person, really.

  6. wadE Avatar

    don’t you hate people!?!? …and pants…

  7. alex Avatar


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