first, r.i.p. herb carneal. i first started this somewhat unhealthy obsession with baseball in 1988, and can\’t tell you how many hours i\’ve spent listening to herb and john gordon call games. he did fewer games over the past ten years, and didn\’t seem to quite have his heart in it after his wife passed away, but– to me– his voice means baseball. part of why i like baseball more than other sports is because it translates so well to the radio, and to doing other things while taking in a game. from april through october, whenever possible i have a baseball game going on in the background– when mowing the lawn, road trips, whatever. i think half of my baseball knowledge comes through osmosis. but that\’s what i love about it. carneal was great, to me, because he limited himself to simply describing what happened on the field, and left the (sometimes over)emotional reactions to the fans.

we\’ll miss you, herb







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