Found in the Tubes.

I\’ve had some down time this morning between tasks, so I thought I\’d do some tube-culling. Here then are some links of interest:

There are deadly jellyfish moving south in Australia, and \’they\’ are saying it\’s due to global warming. What I\’m more concerned with is that the jellyfish are apparently even more deadly than another Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey movie.

This is the most sick, most wrong, most talentedly ridiculous video I\’ve seen on YouTube in a while. And no, Wade, this is not what I think of when I hear you sing.

Student suspended over religious beliefs. Yes, I\’m sure he believes in the FSM, and isn\’t at all using it to get out of school or anything. I really like the pirate file photo, for the record. YARRR!

Interesting article here about the best exercise you\’re not doing. And if you were intrigued by that first paragraph, you\’re not alone. Click here. (And here is an article with pictures of the exercise in question.) For the record, if you\’re interested in the other two exercises referenced in the first article, they\’re here and here.

Now if you\’ll excuse me, I\’m off to see if I can do a two handed pull-up. I\’m sure there\’s a bar around here somewhere…







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