normal morning drive
asshats swerving road rage grows
i should buy a bike

my cat broke her eye
giving eye drops to cats sucks
glad she doesn\’t bite

i forgot breakfast
i did remember coffee
stomach acid please

rain rain go away
come again some other day
natural haiku

this is for old times
haikus do not have to rhyme
monkeys throw their poop







2 responses to “haiku”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    sorry to hear about your kitty cat’s eye. you could put a patch on her and make her a cat pirate. YARRR!

  2. alex Avatar

    Yeah, she’d be a kick ass pirate. Unfortunately it became a two week ordeal instead of just one because the first time I went in I got the crappy weekend vet. Apparently it’s like getting the weekend weather man. Last week we went in and got *our* vet and of course she cleared right up.

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